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Fuel Surcharge Calculations - Lane/Route

Fuel Surcharge Index.org allows you to determine the appropriate fuel surcharge rate along any route/lane in the United States.

  • Calculate multi-stop trips of up to 5 stops
  • Adjust MPG of the truck(s) hauling the freight
  • Adjust fuel surcharge trigger point (base rate) for each load
  • Select from multiple routing methods
    • The ability to view historical fuel surcharges and pricing over the last 12 months
    • Audit Fuel Surcharge portion of any freight bill with the use of this tool
  • Adjust the discount CPG (Cost Per Gallon) to reflect any discounts from the retail price of fuel received by the individual hauling the load
  • Add or exclude state and mile taxes
  • Add or exclude the IFTA surcharge
  • Option to select only major chains when determining fuel price average
  • Option to Exclude miles driven in Mexico
  • Save up to 20 lanes
  • Edit any saved lane
  • View the 2 week pricing trend for any saved lane