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Full Service Features

With the full list of services from, you can calculate your surcharge rates based on the prices in and around where a truckload is traveling. This is far more accurate than using a national or regional average especially when fuel rates vary so much between states.

By Lane -

Whether you are looking at a dedicated route, irregular route or LTL service, the Run Lane option provides you the daily price of diesel fuel along your planned route in order to get the most accurate fuel surcharge. This method includes the ability to enter multiple stops, specify mpg, trigger point and even a flat rate cost per gallon (CPG) adjustment.

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By Radius -

For local operations, the Radius tool is just what you need. Select a center point and specify a radius of 10-150 miles. The average daily retail price of diesel fuel is displayed along with a list of truck stops within the radius – highlighting both high and low prices.

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By Interstate -

Looking for daily retail diesel fuel prices along an Interstate? With this tool you can actually calculate the diesel fuel surcharge along the complete length of an Interstate. Just input the following data:

  • Select Interstate
  • Specify MPG
  • Enter CPG Adjustment – if needed
  • Set Trigger Point
  • Select Date
The results will display the average daily retail price of diesel fuel along with the fuel surcharge rate calculated using your criteria.

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