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How Diesel Fuel Surcharges in Trucking Work Using FuelSurchargeIndex.org

Determining a diesel fuel surcharge in trucking is fairly easy. To start off, the trigger point (base rate) is subtracted from the daily retail price of fuel along a specific lane (route) to determine the “cost in excess of trigger.” The trigger point is the negotiated rate below which a fuel surcharge is NOT applied. The total distance for the route is calculated using either a practical or truck shortest routing method. The total mileage is then divided by the average MPG for the truck(s) hauling the freight to determine number of gallons used. The number of gallons is then multiplied by the cost in excess of trigger to determine the fuel surcharge rate for a specific load.

Utilizing Fuel Surcharge Index.org also allows the user to specify whether or not to include trucking specific taxes such as IFTA, Mile Tax or IFTA Surcharges as part of the overall fuel surcharge rate.

Fuel Surcharge Calculator Options

Lanes -

Find fuel surcharge rates along a specific freight lane, save that lane, and use it again for future reference (up to 5 stops). You can also include multiple legs of a lane to really get specific with your savings and calculations. You can tweak each surcharge as well based on the MPG of a truck (for lighter/smaller loads), state and mile taxes, Trigger price, historical CPG for a lane, and the Truck Practical vs Shortest Route. Free Lane of the Day.

Radius -

Find fuel surcharges for runs that are going to be in and around a certain area. Use the Run Radius for routes that are 10 to 150 miles and set a Cost Per Gallon adjuster to reflect you fuel deals locally. You can also add state tax, see a list of saved CPGs and regular stops. Free Radius Search of the Day.

Interstate -

Use major interstate freight lanes quick references /guides for diesel prices along popular Interstates. You can also adjust the MPG, CPG, and surcharge triggers while choosing to include or exclude mile taxes or IFTA charges. Decide if you want results from only major chains also. Plus, you can review saved lanes and historic pricing. Free Interstate of the Day.