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Enterprise Services

FuelSurchargeIndex.org offers enterprise level services for those customers who have a high volume of loads to quote or analyze. FuelSurchargeIndex.org offers the following products to allow you to conveniently gather accurate fuel surcharges for your shipments and loads.

Web Services

FuelSurchargeIndex.org Web Services allow you to connect to our fuel surcharge application using the industry standard SOAP protocol and run trips to receive a full set of fuel surcharge data. The Web service is easy an understand and use and your IT department will be able to connect quickly.

Bulk Processing

The FuelSurchargeIndex.org bulk processor allows you to upload a formatted spreadsheet containing your trips and receive a fuel surcharge total result via email. Hundreds and even thousands of trips can be sent at once, and if you wish to audit a surcharge received from another party, you can send it in and we will return our number with the difference.


If you wish a hands-off solution, you can send your trip and fuel surcharge data to us and we will audit it against our historical data and return an audit report to you.

Transaction Costs

Automated services may also incur a one time set up fee. Please contact us for more information.
Transactions Per Month Monthly Fee Cost per Transaction

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