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Diesel Fuel Surcharge Calculations - Interstate

Looking for daily retail diesel fuel prices along an Interstate? With this tool you can actually calculate the diesel fuel surcharge along the complete length of an Interstate. Just input the following data:

  • Select Interstate
  • Specify MPG
  • Enter CPG Adjustment (Cost Per Gallon) – if needed
  • Set Trigger Point – make sure we add definition links
  • Select Date
The results will display the average daily retail price of diesel fuel along with the fuel surcharge rate calculated using your criteria.

Features include:
  • The ability to select any Interstate
  • Use the CPG adjustment tool to reflect negotiated discounts on diesel fuel
  • The ability to include various Fuel Tax Rates in average CPG – i.e. Mile Tax, IFTA Surcharge
  • The ability to view historical fuel surcharges and pricing over the last 12 months
  • See a list of truck stops along the specified Interstate
    • Actual Retail Price at each location
    • Address/Location information
    • Click truck stop for detailed information on over 150 amenities available like fuel cards accepted, certified scales, map of location, phone number, number of parking spaces, etc.– provided by
    • Highlighted locations of truck stops with the highest and lowest priced diesel along the Interstate