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Weekly Diesel Averages

During the government shut down that has suspended the DOE/EIA operations, FuelSurchargeIndex.org will provide its fuel price averages free of charge to the transportation community.

To read about this effort and how our methodology for collecting and averaging prices differs from the DOE, please read the press release below.

Diesel Fuel Price Averages: 10/14/2013

Diesel Fuel Prices*  (dollars per gallon)
Change from
 10/7/201310/14/201310/21/2013week agoyear ago
East Coast (PADD1)3.8593.8523.38530.001-0.212
   New England (PADD1A)4.0124.0053.995-0.01-0.207
   Central Atlantic (PADD1B)3.9123.9 3.9060.006-0.274
   Lower Atlantic (PADD1C)3.823.816 3.8170.001-0.184
Midwest (PADD2)3.8393.8253.816-0.009-0.276
Gulf Coast (PADD3)3.7893.783.778-0.002-0.218
Rocky Mountain (PADD4)3.9173.8993.880-0.019-0.32
West Coast (PADD5)3.9673.9613.958-0.003-0.27
   West Coast less California4.1434.108 3.8610.004-0.295
*prices include all taxes
All prices based on retail pricing data from FuelSurchargeIndex.org